Virginia Landmarks
December 2, 1998
Fairlington Historic District
Historic Designation
National Register
March 29, 1999
Historic Designation Seal
Homes in Historic Fairlington
Homes in Historic Fairlington
Historic Designation Seal

One of the most frequently asked questions by homeowners is "Will historic designation increase the value of my property?" Real estate agents doing business in Fairlington have said that historic designation will be a major selling point. Several felt so strongly about the benefits of historic designation that when the call went out for volunteers, they offered their time and services to help in the effort. The following are their testimonials:

  • Susan Sheedy, Long & Foster says, "Fairlington is filled with significance...the architecture, yes, but, more important, the spirit and the marvelous residents...the ones from Fairlington's earliest days of development and conversion, the recent arrivals of young professionals starting careers in the Metropolitan area, and last but not least, the budding families who truly have given Fairlington the ambiance of a small, caring, and friendly town. As a real estate professional, I believe, historic designation will affirm Fairlington's significance and will help advance Fairlington's reputation as an outstanding community."
  • Bonnie Blaszczyk, RE/MAX METRO 100 says, "Fairlington's listings on the State and National Registers as a historic property will be a real asset for Fairlington. With it, we can remind the public of our history which is reflected in Fairlington's architecture and its quality of construction. Over the years, I have given out many copies of the 'Fairlington at 50' book to prospective buyers, and people are always fascinated at its depth and detail. In my view, historic designation takes that idea a step further. We need to spread the word about Fairlington and its many features. Listing on the State and National Registers will definitely be a plus for Fairlington."
  • Kathleen Zimmerman, McEnearney Associates says, "All residents of the Fairlington community have an important stake in having Fairlington listed on the State and National Registers. Not everyone has the privilege of living in an area of historical significance. Designation can make a property more marketable and attractive to prospective buyers, particularly in a highly competitive sales environment. In this regard, I believe that historic designation will set Fairlington apart from other condominiums in the area and will provide the needed edge in marketing Fairlington as the ideal community."
  • Ellen Lawler, Morrison Realty: "As a long time Fairlington homeowner, I have firsthand knowledge and appreciation of the many benefits that Fairlington offers. Ideally located, Fairlington embodies the best of small town living with its tree lined streets, quality Williamsburg construction and neighborliness. Currently however, with the large number of newly constructed homes on the market, Fairlington is faced with some fairly stiff competition. Our challenge is to realistically recognize this fact and to take the necessary action to promote the unique characteristics of Fairlington. In that promotion, historic designation will certainly be an asset, particularly to the potential buyer who has an appreciation of history and is looking for a well-established traditional community."
  • Julie Flory, Long & Foster: "I'm excited about Fairlington's pending historical designation. As a resident and realtor, I have always been proud to be associated with Fairlington. Like Old Town, Georgetown, and other areas of historical designation, Fairlington is rich in history. President Roosevelt's commitment to this World War II housing project is probably best illustrated in the construction of Fairlington. Its slate roofs, brick and cinder block features and well designed courtyards are just a few examples of the quality workmanship and materials that went into the construction of Fairlington. Historic designation will enhance Fairlington's appeal as an outstanding community."