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December 2, 1998
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60th Anniversary Events
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March 29, 1999
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Homes in Historic Fairlington
Homes in Historic Fairlington
Historic Designation Seal

Fairlington's 60th Anniversary Events

As part of the community’s celebration of Fairlington at 60, the Fairlington Historical Society (FHS) held a number of special events throughout this anniversary year.

These events included:

In 1993, residents of Fairlington, Virginia, published Fairlington at 50, by Catherine Fellows. Ms. Fellows is an historian and lives in Fairlington. Five hundred copies were printed at that time. By 1998, there were no more copies available.

During the past ten years, two influences have generated an increased interest in the history of Fairlington. The designation of Fairlington as an Historic District and the increasing commuting times from the suburbs to Washington have resulted in the community becoming a highly desirable place to live, with property values growing at an amazing rate. Fairlington is also an extremely pleasant place to live, with lots of open space, tree-lined and well-maintained streets, and beautiful brick homes built in the colonial revival style.

As a result of these influences, there has been an increase in the demand for copies of Fairlington at 50 by new, current, and former residents. Other factors impacting the increase in demand for the publication include the Society's web site, which highlights community activities and historic preservation subject matter, and the events sponsored by the Society.

On November 1, 2003, the Fairlington Historical Society (FHS) sponsored a Special Celebration to officially commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Fairlington. The Society hosted a reception which was combined with a "Meet the Author" session with Catherine Fellows, author of Fairlington at 50, along with great food and music. A summary of the events along with photos can be found on the "Celebration Page."

The featured speaker at the FHS event was Rob Nieweg, Southern Field Office Director, National Trust for Historic Preservation.

The Celebration was held at the North Fairlington Community Center, 3005 S. Abingdon Street.

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Posted November 20, 2012
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