Virginia Landmarks
December 2, 1998
Fairlington Historic District
Historic Designation
National Register
March 29, 1999
Historic Designation Seal Homes in Historic Fairlington background image - American Flag Homes in Historic Fairlington Historic Designation Seal


First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton



October 30, 1999


Dear Friends:

I am pleased to have this opportunity to send greetings to each of you attending the Volunteer Recognition and Historic Designation Celebration of the Fairlington Historic District.

Community celebrations are an affirmation of community spirit. When President Clinton and I created the White House Millennium Council, we invited all Americans to join us in activities that embody our national theme, "Honor the Past--Imagine the Future." One of the most powerful ways for us to imagine the future is to preserve what we truly value of our past. Our monuments, documents, artifacts and historic places will tell the story of our nation to future generations.

As I travel around the country on the Save America's Treasures tours, I see communities coming together to preserve the record of historic events and the sites and objects that exemplify our cultural heritage. It is my hope that your efforts on behalf of the Fairlington Historic District will encourage a national effort to take this unique moment in time to ensure that we pass on to our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren both the symbols and the gifts of liberty and creativity that make us who we are.

Please accept my thanks and my best wishes for a wonderful celebration.

Sincerely yours,

Hillary Rodham Clinton