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December 2, 1998
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Homes in Historic Fairlington
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1. What do I need to know about condominium association living?

  • Condominium policies are determined by an elected Board of Directors. The Board hires a company to manage essential day to-day operations and that company is responsible for designating a community manager and assistant to oversee the operation of the community. Management companies operate in six of the seven associations in Fairlington (the Fairlington Commons Condominium Association is self-managed).

  • The condominium association provides a variety of services, including the cost of water and sewer, trash and recycling collection, lawn care, and maintenance of the exteriors of the buildings.

  • The governing documents of the condominium are provided to co-owners at settlement and include the Master Deed and By-laws of Association and other pertinent information as required by law. Co-owners are strongly encouraged to read them as they explain their rights and responsibilities as co-owners.

  • A condominium works best when co-owners actively participate in its affairs. Co-owners should attend the annual meeting which is held scheduled each year by each association and may occur in different months. Advance notice of the annual meeting, with the proposed budget, and a proxy are provided to all co-owners. A quorum of over 50% (percentage may be less) of the co-owners is required in person or by proxy before an annual meeting can be convened.

  • After the meeting convenes, a majority vote of the co-owners present is required to approve the operating budget (in some cases) and elect new Board members at this meeting. It is therefore essential that co-owners attend or return their proxies as stated in the material provided. Co-owners are welcome to attend the monthly Board meetings and are encouraged to serve on any of the several working committees.

  • The Boards also produce and distribute newsletters that contain items of community interest, the dates of upcoming meetings, and the names and telephone numbers of Board, members, committee chairs, and the community manager.

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