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FCA President Nancy Hunt Discusses
Strategy with Kim Smith
(Photo by Charles Taylor, Courtesy Arlington County)
Fairlingtonians Contribute to
"Arlington Prepares" Drill
By Nancy Hunt
President, Fairlington Citizens Association

ARLINGTON, VA., June 10, 2014 - According to the Arlington County’s press release, hundreds of volunteers participated in the "Arlington Prepares: Door-to-Door" exercise on Saturday, June 5, delivering emergency preparedness information to Arlington residents.

Forty-five of those volunteers were from Fairlington and Shirlington condos.

Led by Gary Dawson, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) coordinator for our area, and CERT Deputy for Fairlington Andi Dies, these volunteers blanketed all the condo units in Fairlington and Shirlington with almost 5,000 emergency preparedness information packets.

Fairlington’s CERTs, Fairlington family teams, condo newsletter distribution teams, condo board members, and other Fairlington volunteers slogged through the rain to distribute their allotted packets and came back for more. Those who had extra energy were deployed to cover the 500 units in the Arlington and Courtbridge II (who knew there were so many stairs in Courtbridge).

In mid-morning, Arlington County Manager Ron Carlee paid a visit to our Fairlington distribution operation, which was headquartered in Room 8 of the Fairlington Community Center. He was accompanied by Matt Mayer, Chief of Staff for the Department of Homeland Security’s Office for Domestic Preparedness, who said, "Arlington is setting the preparedness standard for the rest of the nation."

Matt Mayer, DHS ODP, Talks to Volunteers at Fairlington Community Center
(Photo by Charles Taylor, Courtesy Arlington County)

Thanks to all the volunteers listed below, Fairlington contributed to the success of the County Manager’s goal to reach all Arlington households within 24 hours.


Corinne Levy (CERT); Irma Sityar (CERT); Andi Dies ( Fairlington CERT Deputy); Bill Kennedy (CERT); Judith Sands (CERT); Debbie Williams (CERT); Kathy Free (CERT); Kerry Early (CERT); Jo Burns (CERT); Mike Hahn (CERT); Jennifer Rodriquez; Anita Myers; John Sands; Bill McShea; Hugh Baumgardner; Mollie Baumgardner; Mark Baumgardner; Tom Corbin; Ron Patterson; Kate Bannan; Claudia Wolfe; Jacob Wolfe; Connie Rose; Marlene Lemro; Cynthia Kunz; Terry Placek; George Grant; Virginia McGee; Sarah Kish; Lynda Lyle; Ted Risher; Sandy Heaton; Kim Smith (Countywide Co-coordinator); Emily Samaha; Sarah Springmann; Rachel Springmann; Glenda Taylor.


Gary Dawson (F/S CERT Coordinator); Robin Stombler; Brenda Stanley; Peter Ruchleicz; Amy Kimball; Marty Smart; Jeanette Wiltse.

Emily Samaha (left) Reviews
Coverage Area with Nancy Hunt
(Photo by Charles Taylor
Courtesy Arlington County)

Terry Placek Picks Up
Information Packets
(Photo by Charles Taylor
Courtesy Arlington County)

Ed McGonagle Distributing
Information Bags
(Photo by Charles Taylor
Courtesy Arlington County)