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Frequently Requested Information


The following information can be found in the Fairlington Green Handbook, but is provided here for your convenience. If you have any questions regarding the following information, please contact Fairlington Green Property Manager.


1. Who should I contact regarding issues and concerns within Fairlington Green?


A.      After Hours and Weekend Emergencies ONLY



B.      General Issues and Concerns

Please report all concerns and issues to our Property Manager, using the following contact information. E-mail is preferred to phone calls.

Cardinal Management Group, Inc.

4330 Prince William Parkway

Suite 201

Woodbridge, VA 22192

Christie Loveless - Property Manager (703) 565-5254,


C.      If your Vehicle is Towed:

A-1 Towing, (703)848-0982


2. What is the Trash Pickup Schedule?

Trash pick-up is scheduled for 8:00 AM, Mondays through Saturdays, except holidays. Trash may be placed for pick-up outside your back gate no later than 8:00 AM only on the mornings of trash collection. Trash is not picked up on the following Holidays:

v      New Years Day

v      Thanksgiving Day

v      Christmas Day


Recycling day is Wednesday. Recycling covers glass, plastic, newspaper and corrugated cardboard, but boxes must be broken down. Large recycling cans for glass and aluminum are placed throughout the community on Tuesday evenings. Newspaper should be packaged so it doesn't blow around, and placed by the trashcans.


Recycling containers are set out at the following six (6) locations on each Tuesday and picked up the following morning. The Board has installed small signs designating these locations. Please, no trash allowed at these locations:

v      3139/3165 S. Stafford Street - End of Houses

v      3207 S. Stafford/4105 S. 32nd Road - End of Houses

v      S. Stafford Circle by 3277 S. Stafford

v      3224/3246 S. Stafford Street - By Parking Lot

v      End of Parking Lot at 4207 S. 32nd Road

v      4313 S. 32nd Road/3233 S. Utah Street - Rear/End of Houses on Sidewalk/Parking Lot


Large Item Pickup -To dispose of larger items that will not fit in plastic garbage bags, place those items at the street curb (not the parking lot curb) very early on the first Saturday of every month. The county will pick those items up.


3. What are the Window Replacement guidelines?

If you are considering replacing the old windows in your home you should be aware that Co-owners may replace windows on the main and upper floors of their units within the following guidelines: Windows must be colonial, double-hung and match the six-pane-over-six-pane pattern of existing windows. A licensed and bonded contractor must perform installation. Aluminum frame capping should be replaced if the existing material has deteriorated. Windows must have white exteriors and be custom-fitted to the existing opening. Replacement of windows below grade is not subject to these restrictions.


Failure to follow these guidelines may result in forced compliance at homeowner’s expense.


4. What must homeowners be aware of prior to Home Renovations (Remodeling)?

Like window replacement, many Green residents are considering updating other areas of their homes. The most common renovations, aside from windows, are to kitchens and bathrooms. Residents should know that some modifications require a variance from the Council of Co-Owners Board of Directors as well as a building (or other) permit from Arlington County. Variances must be requested for major modifications which include but are not limited to:

v      Partial or total removal of walls, floors, or partitions.

v      Modifications to plumbing.

v      Electrical modifications requiring changes in circuit breaker alignment.

v      Installation of fireplaces or stoves which require flues or external Vents.

v      Any modification affecting roofs or foundations.

To obtain a variance, major structural changes to a unit interior may require the acquisition of an architect certificate, to be obtained at co-owner expense, attesting to the compatibility of the change to the building structure. Obviously, any modifications to the structure of load-bearing walls require an architect’s certificate. If you are remodeling your home and have questions regarding variances or architect’s certificates, please contact our Property Manager.


Failure to obtain a variance before remodeling your home may result in inspection and corrective action at homeowner’s expense.


5. Can I post a Sign supporting a political candidate, my contractor, etc.?

Residents occasionally want to post signs in their front yards or in their windows showing support for a political candidate or for the purpose of advertising. Such signage is not permitted in Fairlington Green, with specific exceptions for realty signs, which have their own restrictions.


The following excerpt was taken from the Fairlington Green Handbook. A link to the Green’s Handbook can be found on Fairlington Green’s home page.

‘No unit owner or tenant shall erect or maintain any sign in, from or about any unit (including the window of any unit) or any common element or limited common element except for certain realty signs…”


6. What are the Parking Policies for Fairlington Green?


A. Prohibited Areas

Absolutely no parking is permitted on grassy areas, sidewalks, or at driveway entrances so as to partially block the entrance or sidewalk.


B. Parking Lots

Parking lots are reserved for the use of residents and use is limited to motor vehicles. Boats and trailers must be parked on the street. Arlington County prohibits any type of parking on a street for more than 10 consecutive days. Vans and small campers are permitted to the extent that they do not exceed parking space lines or visually impair the spaces occupied by other vehicles.


C. Allocation of Spaces

No unit may park more than one vehicle in any court lot at any time. Within each lot, the principle of one space per unit prevails.


D. Guest Parking

Guests must park on the street.


E. Spaces for Handicapped Drivers

The Board will consider the allocation of specific reserved spaces to handicapped residents upon written request. Spaces shall be marked accordingly and illegally parked vehicles will be towed.


F. Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycles and mopeds are considered motor vehicles and may not be driven or parked on sidewalks, grass or other non-paved common areas. They may not occupy the same parking space as a full-sized motor vehicle. Motorcycles and mopeds may be stored in patio areas only if they are not regularly used. Frequent moving across lawns is to be avoided. Owners are allowed to store one motorcycle in their fenced yard, as long as it is operable and has current license plates and a valid County sticker.


G. Placard (Permit) Parking

The Board has implemented placard (permit) parking in all parking lots. Each unit is allotted one placard that must be displayed at all times and readily visible on either the rear-view mirror or front dash. The placards may be transferred between vehicles belonging to the same unit. Placards are issued annually to co-owners who are in good standing and current with all fees. It is the responsibility of the co-owner to collect and transfer the placard should the unit be rented or sold. In no instance will the Community Manager directly provide a placard to a renter. Unit owners will be assessed a $ 100 fee for lost or damaged placards.


H. Current Tags and Registration

Vehicles parked in Fairlington Green parking lots must have current tags and registration. The Arlington County police have been granted permission to enter the property to enforce licensing and tag requirements. Vehicles without current state or county tags shall be considered abandoned and subject to towing, without further notice, and at the direction of the Board.


I. Vehicle Storage

The parking lots are intended for the active use of Fairlington Green residents and vehicle storage is not permitted. The Board may determine that a car is being stored even though it is moved within the lot. The owner of the vehicle will be notified of the determination, when possible, prior to authorizing towing.


J. Parking Violations

Where residents have noted a parking problem, they may wish to leave a note on the windshield of the violator reminding the owners of the parking rules. Residents may also wish to contact the violator personally. In addition, a resident may wish to provide the Community Manager or the Board with a written account of a parking problem, including the violator name, address and the vehicle license number. The Community Manager or a Board member may request the violator to comply with the rules and/or authorize towing.


7. Who maintains and what restrictions exist for my fenced back yard?

The fenced back yards within Fairlington Green are technically common property, belonging to the Association. However, maintenance of these fenced areas is the responsibility of the individual homeowners.


Structures inside the area may be no greater than fence height, and patios must be relatively neat and clear of impediments. In addition, all trees, shrubs, and other vegetation within the fenced yards are the property of the individual homeowners and must be maintained by the homeowners.


8. The electrical lines leading into my home have failed. Who is responsible for replacing them?

Many of the electrical meters in Fairlington Green are situated away from the buildings. The lines between these meters and the homes have been failing occasionally and it is the responsibility of the individual homeowners to make repairs. Replacement of these lines can run into the thousands of dollars and homeowners are urged to purchase insurance for the replacement of these lines. Note that this insurance covers line replacement but does not cover restoration of common areas inside or outside of the fenced back yard, which is the responsibility of the individual homeowner. For more information, check the October 2004 Newsletter for an article on electrical line failures and the available insurance.


9. There’s water damage in my home. Who is responsible for the repairs?

Who pays for water damage within your home depends upon the source of the water. The association will not pay for repair work to your unit if the damage is due to the removal of caulking during window replacement, or if other damage occurred during work performed by your own contractor. The Association also will not pay for repairs if the damage was caused by water coming in through open windows, by pipe leaks inside the unit walls or by foundation leaks in basement walls. If you have water damage and are not sure who should make the repairs, call our Property Manager or our Emergency number immediately. Both numbers can be found at the top of this page.


10. What do my condo fees pay for?

Our condo fees cover many of the items you would have to pay for yourself if you owned a single family detached home, plus additional items. Our condo fees cover but are not limited to the following (in no particular order):

v      Water usage

v      Trash collection

v      Electricity usage for the pole-mounted carriage lamps and other common uses

v      Painting of the building exteriors every three years.

v      Maintenance of building exterior brick walls

v      Maintenance and repair of sewer lines

v      Roof & gutter maintenance and replacement

v      Normal landscape maintenance including complete lawn\flower bed care; tree\bush removal and planting; drainage correction, etc.

v      Landscape regrading, and tree\bush removal and planting as needed

v      Repair and maintenance of sidewalks and other concrete elements

v      Parking lot repair and maintenance

v      Snow removal

v      Pool operation and maintenance

v      Tennis court maintenance

v      Property insurance (common elements only)

v      Property management fees

v      Attorney’s fees

v      Accountant fees

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