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December 2, 1998
Fairlington Historic District
60th Anniversary Events
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March 29, 1999
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Homes in Historic Fairlington
Homes in Historic Fairlington
Historic Designation Seal

Fairlington's 60th Anniversary: 1943 - 2003
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Historical Society Schedules
Home/Garden Tour for May 10, 2003


Paid, reserved tickets may be picked up May 10 (beginning at 11:00 a.m.) at the "will call" desk
At theSouth Fairlington Community Center - 3308 S. Stafford St. (703) 228-6588).

If you've been curious about your neighbor's renovated attic, kitchen, and bath or have wondered how you can add some decorating pizzazz to your living room, join your neighbors on May 10, 2003, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in a tour of more than a dozen Fairlington homes as part of Arlington's Neighborhood Day celebration. This tour is one of the Fairlington Historical Society's activities in celebration of our community's sixtieth anniversary, 1943 - 2003.

This activity is planned to showcase Fairlington as a vibrant community and to raise funds for the historical society’s activities. Residents interested in helping with any aspect of the tour or in attending the next committee meeting should contact Chuck or Tom at the numbers listed below. Community volunteers are needed, especially for the day of the tour.

The tour will emphasize homes of both North and South Fairlington which display exceptional renovation, special features, innovative/ adaptive use of space, artistic interior decoration, or special landscape/ garden features.

Cost of tickets is $5.00 per person and can be purchased on the day of the tour at the South Fairlington Community Center main entrance (3308 S. Stafford St. (703) 228-6588). Paid, reserved tickets purchased using on-line form may be picked up May 10 at the "will call" desk at the South Fairlington Community Center (3308 S. Stafford St. (703) 228-6588).

For updated tour information, contact Tom Corbin 703-931-0687 ( or Chuck Edwards 703-379-7256 (

A reception for ticket holders and tour volunteers at the North Fairlington Community Center (3005 S. Abingdon Street) from 3:00 PM to 5:00PM will conclude the tour.

Some condominium associations have sponsored individual patio tours, but the last full community house tour was held in June, 1996. The Fairlington Historical Society hopes that this event will spotlight the lively and comfortable residences and gardens that help make our community unique.

Financial Assistance Also Needed

The Society will need your financial help as well in making this event and other Anniversary activities a reality. Please remember that the FHS is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.