Virginia Landmarks
December 2, 1998
Fairlington Historic District
Historic Designation
National Register
March 29, 1999
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John Warner



September 28, 1990

Mr. Ronald E. Patterson
4624 S. 34th Street
Arlington, Virginia 22206

Dear Mr. Patterson:

My congratulations and best wishes to you and all who join with you on this special occasion to celebrate Fairlington's designation as an historic district and to recognize the special volunteers who have contributed their time and talents to assist in this special neighborhood effort. I regret that previous commitments prevent me from being with you to convey these greetings in person.

The Fairlington Community has a special place in the history of Northern Virginia., Through the years, countless Americans have enjoyed living or visiting friends and family in this exceptional community.

Of special interest for me is the origin of Fairlington as publicly financed defense housing built for defense workers and their families during World War 11. My years of involvement with the military -- as a member of the armed services and as a civilian -makes the preservation of this unique, and exceptionally well-planned and constructed community most satisfying. I commend all who worked to research and document the community's history to earn its placement on the Virginia Landmarks Register and on the National Register of Historic Places.

I salute you and all the volunteers who have been a part of this fine accomplishment. I look forward to continued opportunities to enjoy the architecture and ambiance of your fine community as I travel through the area.


John Warner